2. European RosettaCon 2023

Abstract submission (oral presentation + poster)

Opening abstract submission 14.03.2023

Oral talk submission deadline 31.05.2023

Abstract submission deadline 31.08.2023

Registration deadline 31.08.2023

Welcome to “Protein design in the age of artificial intelligence – the 2. European RosettaCon” in Leipzig. Our conference addresses all computational protein modeling and design enthusiasts. Visit us September 25th-27th in Leipzig to discuss:

  • Protein design with Rosetta and deep learning
  • Structural modeling of proteins, protein-ligand interactions, antibodies, membrane proteins, protein-DNA complexes and all other things you like to model
  • Antibody and vaccine design
  • Enzyme design
  • AlphaFold, ESMFold, RoseTTAFold, ProteinMPNN, language models for structure prediction and design
  • Rosetta code development

    Check out our fantastic panel of speakers. We are looking forward to seeing you in Leipzig!

Featured Talks & Speakers

Confirmed Speakers:

Eric S. Fischer

Harvard Medical School & Dana-Faber Institute

Tanja Kortemme

University of California, San Francisco

Alexander Rives

Facebook AI


Charlotte Deane

University of Oxford

Bruno Correia


Gustav Oberdorfer

Graz University of Technology

Birte Höcker

University of Bayreuth

Andrew Ward

The Scripps Research Institute


Klára Hlouchová

Charles University

Frank DiMaio

University of Washington

Sergey Ovchinnikov

Harvard University

Rocco Moretti

Vanderbilt University

Kaitlyn V. Ledwitch

Vanderbilt University


Julia Westermayr

Leipzig University

Jeffrey Gray

Johns Hopkins University

Our Sponsors

We are thankful for the continuous support from our sponsors. Without you this event would not be possible!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for “Protein design in the age of artificial intelligence – 2. European RosettaCon”, please contact european_rosettacon[at]uni-leipzig.de

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